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5 Minutes with Sage King

Sage King is one busy guy. The Hartford, CT singer/songwriter is readying the release of his new album, Blossom, in addition to getting back in the swing of performing live in the post-pandemic world. Sage is also the 2020 winner of the Jack Daniel’s Battle of the Bar Bands contest, and he used his $10,000 cash prize to assist in the recording of his new album. He took a short break from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about the contest, his new album, and more.

Jack Daniel’s: Tell me what the Jack Daniel’s Battle of the Bar Bands contest experience was like for you. What was your immediate reaction when you found out you were the winner?

Sage King: A friend sent me a link to the contest and honestly, I didn’t even think I had a shot at first, but after a few days I changed my mind. I thought, “I really do believe in my music, so why shouldn’t I try this?” After submitting my song, I kind of forgot about it because I knew there were many other great bands and artists that were going to enter as well. But then a few weeks went by, and I was emailed about being a finalist. After a few more weeks of trying to get my family, friends, and fans to vote, I was confident, but I figured my chances of actually winning were slim. I was sort of in denial after finding out my song was the winner, but it all in all, it was an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience.

JD: What would you tell artists who are thinking of entering? Why should they take part in the competition?

SK: If you believe in your music, there is absolutely no reason NOT to enter this contest. I won with a song I wrote in my bedroom at 17-years-old. I invested in a good recording of it and just trusted my gut. Even if you don’t win or become a finalist, you lose nothing by trying.

JD: Tell me about your new album; any details you can share?

SK: I used the winnings from the contest to record my new record, titled Blossom, which comes out Friday, July 16 on all streaming services. The record has a bunch of my influences on it and it’s pretty diverse; that’s just the kind of writer/artist I am. Also, I’m so proud of my band and team for absolutely killing it on this album; I couldn’t have done it without everybody involved. It’s definitely my best work yet, but also an evolution from my previous album.

JD: Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

SK: Well, it’s been a long road [to get to this point] and there’s a much longer road to go. The Jack Daniel’s Battle of the Bar Bands contest was a huge accomplishment for me and my amazing fans— it felt like [a victory] for the little guy, for sure. I encourage any artist of any genre to try it. You never know—you may just be the one. It literally happened to me.