According to the Oxford Dictionary (yes, it’s really in there):

Bar band: “A (local or amateur) rock group of a kind that typically performs in bars or other small venues.”

According to our friends at Oxford, the term came to be in the 1970s, with the earliest use found being found in The Washington Post. (From 200-2008, the Post boasted a publisher/CEO by the name of Boisfeuillet Jones Jr. That’s...


Every musician or band must start somewhere, but did you know that none other than the Beatles began life as a bar band, playing clubs in their native Britain as well as Germany? The Beatles made five trips to Hamburg, Germany between 1960 and 1962 and played 281 shows, and as their first manager/booking agent Allan Williams noted, “The Beatles were created in Hamburg. Seven days and nights a week for months. It would make or break any band...